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Whether you call it a chicken coop, a chicken house or a hen house, Well Kept Chicken structures provide you with the protection and comfort your flock needs, all while being aesthetically pleasing to your lawn and neighborhood. 

Happy hens. Happy neighbors. Happy you. Who could ask for more?

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All Well Kept Chicken coops are Made in the USA. Help us keep America strong.


Traditional wood-construction chicken coops in high-style, upscale designs, or...
Sleek, sophisticated plastic for those who like a modern or contemporary flair.
Attractive quatrefoil design cut into panels so you see in and your hens see out.
Wood coops have door-within-a-door design. Plastic coops have solid door or optional quatrefoil cut-out design.
• See model descriptions for individual coop features.


• Exterior nest access doors in all coops for easy egg gathering.
• Enclosed nest boxes give hens the privacy they desire while laying eggs.
• Interior door and/or trapdoor open from outside the coop.
Additional sections attach to the plastic model to expand the coop as your flock grows.
• Single roost included.
See model descriptions for each coop's functions.


Materials & Workmanship


Perfect fit - CNC computer cut parts for quick and accurate assembly.
Precision-crafted corner box joints and mortise and tenon floor-to-wall joints in all wood models. CDX, CCX and dimensional lumber.
• Interior reinforcement makes the plastic coop super strong.
Top-quality raw materials - both wood and plastic - go into each coop.
Continuous hinges (piano hinges) keep doors aligned.
See model descriptions for more details on materials and workmanship.